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Essential Vehicle Checks Before Long Journeys-Advice from a auto parts manufacture

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Siru Hilux Auto Parts

Ensuring your vehicle is in top condition is crucial for a smooth journey, whether you're heading to the coast, countryside, city, or venturing outside the UK. During periods of extreme weather, the RAC often experiences an increase in breakdowns due to heat or cold. In winter, battery-related issues are the most common cause of breakdowns, while summer often sees problems related to cooling systems.

Before setting off on a long journey, here are some essential checks to perform:

Oil and Coolant

Check the oil and coolant levels as per the instructions in your vehicle's handbook. It's advisable to have your cooling system inspected by a professional garage to ensure it’s functioning correctly.


Battery problems are the leading cause of RAC call-outs in winter. Car batteries need replacing every few years, depending on usage. Ensure your battery is checked during your regular car service. The RAC provides a comprehensive guide on checking and maintaining your battery.


While it might seem obvious, running out of fuel is a common reason for breakdowns. Before you set off, familiarize yourself with potential refueling spots along your route.

Wiper Blades and Screen Wash

Inspect all wiper blades for signs of wear or damage. Check the windscreen washer fluid level and ensure the washer jets are correctly adjusted and not blocked. Using a screen wash additive helps keep the windscreen clear of dirt, especially the winter road grime from salting and gritting, which can impair visibility. An anti-freeze screenwash is essential to prevent a frozen windscreen in cold weather.

Fan Belt

Regularly have your fan belt (also known as the auxiliary belt) checked by a professional garage to ensure it’s in good condition.


If you're driving to mainland Europe, ensure all exterior lights comply with the legal requirements of the countries you will be visiting. Additionally, check the performance of your headlights. If they are not bright enough or have water ingress, they should be replaced promptly. Opt for headlights from reliable manufacturers. Jiangsu Siru Auto Parts designs, manufactures, and sells various high-performance headlights in bulk. Hilux, Ford Ranger, Navara, Fortuner, Prado head lights maunfacuter, offer reliable quality at factory prices.


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Check the condition of your vehicle's tyres, including the spare if you have one. Ensure they are at the correct pressure and have legal tread depth. The minimum legal tread depth for cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 3500 kg GVW) is 1.6mm. Failure to comply can result in a fine of up to £2500 and three penalty points per tyre.

By performing these essential checks, you can help ensure a safe and trouble-free journey.

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